Summer Styles for Your Locks.



One of the best times to take a relaxing, cool shower and prep yourself for a day at the beach or a nice, warm night on the town. It is truly one of the best times of the year!

While a summer evening with a hot rain is one of my favorites, I wouldn’t wish rain on anyone who is trying to look gorgeous for a hot date night. I know I’m not the only one out their who feels like my head has enough frizz to start a bonfire when it gets wet! While that could be an interesting way to start a fire for a group of friends, lets stick to the subject at hand: hairstyles for the summer!

I am tall with a long slender face, so I always feel like short hair looks odd on me…I think it makes me look out of balance or like a cartoon. I did it once years ago and at the time, I thought it was cute. Looking back at photos, I realize it made my head seem like it was half the size it should be. Though I will never again attempt the short hair look, I am always jealous of those who can rock the look.


I especially love this style – straight in the back, wavy curls in the front and a nice, frayed bottom. The look says I am carefree and wild at the same time it has a certain elegance to it. I can picture this going over well for a day at the beach, or covered with the flow of a beautiful veil at a summer wedding.


Blake Lively has always been one of my favorite celebrities. Not only am I completely jealous of her handsome hubby, but her skin is perfect and her hair is to die for! She walks with such elegance and has one of those faces that will probably never wrinkle or really need makeup.

I just love this dress looks with a messy braid. It makes her look classy with a hint of fun. I love making messy braids – partly because it is really hard to make a perfect braid without help…especially if your hair has many layers that pop out of each section a little bit. An added plus is that loose, messy braids have less strain on your scalp and are healthier for your ends than pulling them in to a tight braid.

Now if I just had a place to go in a dress like hers….!


My last favorite summer look is this straight, wavy style. I am currently trying to grow my layers out, as my thick hair tends to frizz the more layers I have. This look is also one length layers, though the ends are thinned out to help in creating an illusion of layers. The light eye makeup and neutral lip color make this style more girly, but dark makeup and bold lips could take this look from day time to a night on the town!