Coconut Oil!


Have you ever used coconut oil in your daily beauty routine?

If you are like me, one of those people who breaks out with the use of face lotions and potions, then I suggest you give it a try!

I am not sure if it is because I am getting older, or if make-up/lotion manufacturers are using different ingredients than they did in the past, but for some reason these products now make my face feel itchy and I break out. I get those horrible pimples that are under the skin not allowing you to pop them…or a rash of really teeny tiny pimples. I am not one who chooses to pay ten, twenty dollars or more on products that have my skin lashing out at me with all sorts of crazy “tantrums”. Can you even read or pronounce the ingredients in these products?! I sure can’t!

So about five years ago, I was talking to a lady in a drugstore who told me she used to have the same sort of reactions with her sensitive skin. Her solution for face lotion was to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In all honesty, I had never heard of putting OIL on your face to prevent acne – I thought she was crazy. I got away from her as soon as I could because I didn’t want to listen to her weird nonsense! I had always been told to cut back on oils and sugars in my diet to help prevent acne…why in the world would she be encouraging my lathering it up all over my face?

Fast forward now to about 2 years ago. Coconut oil started to become popular, people started discussing its benefits all over the internet. Stores just couldn’t stay stocked. I started seeing discussions of women who swore up and down that coconut oil was a great moisturizer for the body and face. I thought, no…more crazy people! But then I looked in the mirror and saw a spot on my cheek just under my eye that was chaffing away due to my latest purchase excessively drying out my skin.

I decided to give it a try.


Well, I wouldn’t write all the above if it didn’t work, now would I?! So long, crazy skin… welcome to the 21st century, where we welcome back 100% natural, pure organic coconut oil to use as a moisturizer! That’s right – all of our advanced science and technology and we can’t come up with a better solution than just plain ol’ oil!

How to use it? Slather it all over your body after showering. Don’t forget your finger nails and cuticles – they need the oil too! Your skin will look and feel oily…for about 5 minutes. It seeps into your skin, making it extra smoothe and soft. For my face, I take a VERY small bit after I wash off my make-up at night and work it into my face, concentrating on those wrinkles under my eyes.

The best price I have found it at my local Trader Joe’s, as shown above. You can get a 16 ounce jar of organic coconut oil for about $6. It lasts FOREVER and a half, much longer than all that other crap we have wasted our money on!

I hope you try it out coconut oil and fall in love like I have! It is also great for cooking (No worries, I have a separate jar in my kitchen!) and as a light, flavorful oil for popcorn when used with a dash of sea salt!

* Note to those who have never used coconut oil before. When you buy it, you will think something is wrong because it is hard like a stick of margarine. However, it melts at about 70 degrees. Once you scoop up a bit with your fingers, it automatically starts melting into a clear oil!