What To Do with ALL THAT HAIR?!


Having thick hair can be a real freaking pain up the rear.

If you have it, you know exactly what I am talking about. Each and every time I get my hair cut, I get comments like “You have more hair than I have ever seen!” and “Wow, your hair is SO thick – and there is So Much of it!”. I also get comments from gals with thin hair, wishing they had hair as thick as mine. But believe me, the grass is always greener on the other side!

While I know that my thick hair will probably do me good when I start losing hair with age, for the most part I dream of being born with thinner locks like my sister. I swear, that girl can do anything with her thin hair – all the while never worrying about frizz or humidity or blow drying. It seems like she can just leave the house with her hair wet and it dries looking like mine does with 12 hours of maintenance!

I know, I am sounding like my glass is more than half empty today, but I just needed to rant about all the effort us girls with thick hair put in to our daily routine (that is, unless I just toss it up in a loose bun like most days!). I am sure thin hair girls have their rants as well, I just don’t know about their hassles!

So, back to my purpose for my blog post today. I wanted to share with you two of my absolute favorite hairstyles that do well with thick strands. Sure, we aren’t celebrities like these gals below that have help in creating their flawless looks, but in attempts to fill my glass a little fuller I will say that these styles are quite easy once you learn how to accomplish them with your specific hair type.



Photo – www.allure.com

First and foremost, the typical perfect look of Kate. This stunning, royal look is accomplished best with a perfectly straight cut. For this look, no layers = no fluff! For me, this style is best accomplished on non-shampooing days (I wash my hair every other day…on my days off, I grab a shower cap and suds up my body before the humidity gets to my hair!). I run a wide tooth comb through my hair just to give it an over-all untangling, then grab a curling iron for the ends. That Kate sure is pretty, isn’t she?



My second favorite style is the fishtail braid. I like this look because it is extremely easy to do once you figure it out and it looks SO complicated that it adds class to any look…especially to my everyday style of jeans and a tee! I feel like I am instantly transformed into a million bucks because it is so much fancier than your everyday bun or ponytail that thick hair girls have as a go-to style! For me, the added plus is this style looks great even when messy! It doesn’t have to be perfect! Bedhead, bad hair day, extra humidity…it all gets covered up in the braid!


If you aren’t quite coordinated enough for the fishtail on your own (it took me a LONG time to get this one on my own because of my hand-eye coordination in the mirror!), a simple loose braid is Always a winner! This isn’t the 90′s, so don’t go off braiding your hair in the back…a side braid is so much classier and feminine. Wear this to the office, the beach, to a wedding or on a hot date – - this is one look that can quickly make you look styled! The looser and messier, the sexier!

I hope this helps those of you out there with thick locks like me! If you have any favorite styles or products to help with frizzes and “poofiness”, I would love to share your thoughts with readers!

Thanks for reading!