Adding a Splash of Color.


As I have mentioned many times over, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Sure, I will spring for the occasional skirt and t-shirt look if it is really hot, but I am most comfortable in jeans. And if I am not comfortable, I am not happy! I think that is why I enjoy beauty so much – adding make-up and accessories to an outfit is my way of being girly.

Jeans and a simple tee can go SO many ways. If you leave the house with no make-up, and frumpy hair…you are going to look frumpy. We have all been there, to Frumpy-Town. But tossing on a quick eyeliner job, a ring and a bracelet can instantly transform your look. Grabbing your gold flats instead of your worn out Nike’s is sure to get you treated more human-like out in the world.

There are so many little things you can grab as you run out the door to make your appearance more presentable when you just don’t have the time for more!

Hairpieces are my go-to accessories when I am running late. Headwraps, headbands or even a small decorative hair clip can make your overall look go from dull, drab, boring to WOW in less than thirty seconds. Some mornings, I grab a hair wrap on my way out, and style at a red light on my way to work!


I absolutely love Urban Outfitters for funky, random accessories with reasonable prices.This wrap is 2-in-1 as it is double sided. Look how this messy bun just became extra feminine! Toss on some large, fun earrings for an added pop of color. Sans make-up and still stylish!



Photo –

This lace-looking wrap is perfect for any outfit from jeans to that little black dress! This would look great with a bold color skinny jeans…I am thinking pink!



Photo –

This tribal style wrap is super cute! Wear it with hair up or down… I love how the model is showing off her bangs with the look. The beachy textured hair works well here – don’t overthink it, just stick it in your messy hair for a sexy look.

Do you wear hair accessories? Why or why not? If they ARE your thing, do you wear them with a more finished look, or the messier look? We would love to hear your two cents!