Cruelty-Free Eye Brushes.


Looking our best often comes with a price.

And I do not mean just the price of the products – I am talking about the effects these products have on our animals.

I am not going to get started on a Save The Planet and Save The Animals spiel, nor am I going to say one persons opinion on animal rights is better than the other. That is not my style. We each have a place in this world, and are entitled to our own opinions. We have the right to shop and use the products we choose!

All I am going to say today is that if you are looking for cruelty-free make-up brushes, here are my two favorite brands. Why? Not only are they great eye brushes, they are also eco-friendly! An added plus? They are extremely reasonably priced! So many all-natural products can be very pricey, making shoppers choose price over opinion… but with prices like these brands, I don’t stop to think twice!


Eco Tools Bamboo Eye Brush Set comes with 6 brushes for about $10. I found mine at Walgreens drugstore, but I have also seen them sold at a large selection of retailers. Be sure to check out stores near you for the best deal! They come in a cute little bag that is convenient for storage as well as traveling! I toss this pouch in my purse with one mixed shadow and my mascara before heading out on an over-night trip and I have everything I need for a quick make-up job in the morning!




This Bdellium Tools set is also a favorite of mine. These brushes help in making a great, professional looking smokey eye. They are a little stiff at first, but after a few uses and a wash or two, they seem to have softened up into some great brushes! Follow the source link above for purchasing this set.

As a reminder, I am not compensated for my opinions – they are just my opinions on great products that I want to share!

Thanks for reading!