Polishes for Spring!


Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

Sure, the allergies run wild, but the beautiful green colors outdoors from the recent rains to the pretty colors of new blooms in my yard! I love how all the stores turn from gloomy dark, winter colors to the pastel girly colors of spring.

Makeup is no different from a flower shop for me. I can wander around the local nurseries in search of a few new blooms for the flower box in my front yard, considering each beautiful blossom for polish or lip gloss! I am thinking of this as I just brought a few new plants home today. I don’t remember the name of one specifically, but it has the prettiest lavender shade ever! I remember liking the name of it too, something space-like…maybe it was asteroid or cosmo? Finding a polish that color is my new mission for spring, even if I have to make it myself!

If you are ready to dazzle this spring, then you are probably wondering what polish colors are IN. Well, a range of colors, really. For starters, think Easter Bunny or those pastel plastic eggs you searched for when you were a child. Baby pinks, blues, yellows… my favorite being mint.


Photo – drugstore.com

Shown above is one of my favorite minty shades, Mint Sprint from Sally Hansen. Order it online from Drugstore.com, or see if your local pharmacy carries it!

Also IN this spring are metallics. Use it to completely color your nails, or opt for just one nail per hand. If you are extra talented or headed out for a manicure, use a metallic polish when creating flowers, polka dots, butterflies and more on your nails. BE CREATIVE!


Photo – walmart.com

I found this great polish No Place Like Chrome from essie at Walmart. It goes on smoothly and has a pretty nice chrome looking finish, though it does dry a little on the matte side.

If you have a favorite spring polish shade, or a great metallic polish – please share with us!

Until next time,