Winter High.



Ugh, the things it does to my hair!

I could spend the morning prepping myself for a meeting, straightening every last hair pin straight, just to walk out the front door and my hair turns into a big, cotton-ball style mess! It doesn’t have to be pouring, or even sprinkling. The air just has to have that winter foggy-mist and my time spent with the straight iron is an absolute waste!

My hair truly prefers those days that are SO hot, you feel like keeping a water bottle in your mouth out of fear you will dehydrate without a constant drip down your throat. Those are the days my hair stays perfectly straight. Those are also the days nobody leaves their house, so nobody has ever seen me rock my perfect locks!

So what do you do when you want to look Amazing even when you know your hair won’t be up for cooperating? How do you make your style super-feminine when everyone else has their hair matted down, soaking wet from the rain or frizzing out like they just took a walk through a car wash and blow dry?

A high pony tail.

Making your style up a few inches higher than average can instantly make you look, well…higher than average! Slip on a super cute pair of heels to match, and you instantly become taller, higher, and more model-like!

How can you wear your pony up high? Check out these fun options!

This clean, straight look is an easy one to accomplish. I like to bend over, brush my hair down towards my toes, then tie it up before standing up again. Use a small amount of gel or shine serum to keep those fly-aways pinned down. If you have any shorter strands that aren’t quite long enough to hold with your rubberband, use hair clips or bobby pins to secure them in place. Once you are happy with your style, do a quick all-over hair spray.


I love the messy, wavy look. This style goes well with any outfit – from the jeans and t-shirt look to the red carpet! Just brush bangs forward, do a loose high pony, then pull it tight to create the messy look on top. Then take a few second to run the curling iron through your locks, a quick brush using just your fingers, an all-over hair spray and you are good to go! This style works well in the winter, but I also love it for the beachy look with a maxi during the summer months!


Oh, Jennifer, how I wish I had your hair! And her body, too, if I am being perfectly honest! This is another bangs-style high pony, but with bangs off to the side. I love how sleek yet messy this style looks – super girly, fun and sexy all at the same time.

If you have any winter-madness hair styles, I would love for you to share!