My Favorite Eyeliner.


Eyeliner is a scary thing for many people.

I have met many women who say have reasons to avoid eyeliner. Many say they are just too nervous to draw a straight line, so they avoid it. Others say they are afraid they will apply it too dark or too thick for everyday use. I have even heard those who just aren’t sure what color to use – brown, black-brown, black, blackest black, etc. There are just so many options!

As far as color goes, I personally recommend using the color of your eyelashes (POST-mascara!). For most of us, that is black. If you have extremely light eyebrows, then I recommend black-brown. I never suggest using brown, as I believe a good smudged, smokey eye in black is better than brown.

If you are afraid of messing up your straight line, I recommend using an eye pencil rather than a liquid. Why? Because pencils are much more forgiving, as liquid is not easily smudged. Also, pencils are much more user friendly. Most of us know how to draw a straight line with a pencil, but not with a paint brush! If you pretend the edge of your eye (close to the lash line) is the line in a coloring book, you will do perfectly! You are in a coloring contest and can’t draw outside the line or you will lose the contest!


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I am a cheap person. Makeup doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to get you through the day! For this reason, I just can’t justify spending more than a couple dollars on eyeliner. We have too many expenses in life to pay more than that! My favorite brand of eyeliner? Wet n Wild. This brand offers a retractable self sharpening style liner called Megalast, shown above. It also has a great foam smudger on the opposite side of the stick that comes in super handy! Depending on the store, I have never paid more than $3 for this liner. It is a great bargain with amazing results – for beginners to professionals!

As with all my blog posts, I am not paid to give opinions – this is just my own opinion on my favorite eyeliner! Thanks for reading!