Summer Styles for Your Locks.


One of the best times to take a relaxing, cool shower and prep yourself for a day at the beach or a nice, warm night on the town. It is truly one of the best times of the year!

While a summer evening with a hot rain is one of my favorites, I wouldn’t wish rain on anyone who is trying to look gorgeous for a hot date night. I know I’m not the only one out their who feels like my head has enough frizz to start a bonfire when it gets wet! While that could be an interesting way to start a fire for a group of friends, lets stick to the subject at hand: hairstyles for the summer!

I am tall with a long slender face, so I always feel like short hair looks odd on me…I think it makes me look out of balance or like a cartoon. I did it once years ago and at the time, I thought it was cute. Looking back at photos, I realize it made my head seem like it was half the size it should be. Though I will never again attempt the short hair look, I am always jealous of those who can rock the look.


I especially love this style – straight in the back, wavy curls in the front and a nice, frayed bottom. The look says I am carefree and wild at the same time it has a certain elegance to it. I can picture this going over well for a day at the beach, or covered with the flow of a beautiful veil at a summer wedding.


Blake Lively has always been one of my favorite celebrities. Not only am I completely jealous of her handsome hubby, but her skin is perfect and her hair is to die for! She walks with such elegance and has one of those faces that will probably never wrinkle or really need makeup.

I just love this dress looks with a messy braid. It makes her look classy with a hint of fun. I love making messy braids – partly because it is really hard to make a perfect braid without help…especially if your hair has many layers that pop out of each section a little bit. An added plus is that loose, messy braids have less strain on your scalp and are healthier for your ends than pulling them in to a tight braid.

Now if I just had a place to go in a dress like hers….!


My last favorite summer look is this straight, wavy style. I am currently trying to grow my layers out, as my thick hair tends to frizz the more layers I have. This look is also one length layers, though the ends are thinned out to help in creating an illusion of layers. The light eye makeup and neutral lip color make this style more girly, but dark makeup and bold lips could take this look from day time to a night on the town!

Coconut Oil!

Have you ever used coconut oil in your daily beauty routine?

If you are like me, one of those people who breaks out with the use of face lotions and potions, then I suggest you give it a try!

I am not sure if it is because I am getting older, or if make-up/lotion manufacturers are using different ingredients than they did in the past, but for some reason these products now make my face feel itchy and I break out. I get those horrible pimples that are under the skin not allowing you to pop them…or a rash of really teeny tiny pimples. I am not one who chooses to pay ten, twenty dollars or more on products that have my skin lashing out at me with all sorts of crazy “tantrums”. Can you even read or pronounce the ingredients in these products?! I sure can’t!

So about five years ago, I was talking to a lady in a drugstore who told me she used to have the same sort of reactions with her sensitive skin. Her solution for face lotion was to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In all honesty, I had never heard of putting OIL on your face to prevent acne – I thought she was crazy. I got away from her as soon as I could because I didn’t want to listen to her weird nonsense! I had always been told to cut back on oils and sugars in my diet to help prevent acne…why in the world would she be encouraging my lathering it up all over my face?

Fast forward now to about 2 years ago. Coconut oil started to become popular, people started discussing its benefits all over the internet. Stores just couldn’t stay stocked. I started seeing discussions of women who swore up and down that coconut oil was a great moisturizer for the body and face. I thought, no…more crazy people! But then I looked in the mirror and saw a spot on my cheek just under my eye that was chaffing away due to my latest purchase excessively drying out my skin.

I decided to give it a try.


Well, I wouldn’t write all the above if it didn’t work, now would I?! So long, crazy skin… welcome to the 21st century, where we welcome back 100% natural, pure organic coconut oil to use as a moisturizer! That’s right – all of our advanced science and technology and we can’t come up with a better solution than just plain ol’ oil!

How to use it? Slather it all over your body after showering. Don’t forget your finger nails and cuticles – they need the oil too! Your skin will look and feel oily…for about 5 minutes. It seeps into your skin, making it extra smoothe and soft. For my face, I take a VERY small bit after I wash off my make-up at night and work it into my face, concentrating on those wrinkles under my eyes.

The best price I have found it at my local Trader Joe’s, as shown above. You can get a 16 ounce jar of organic coconut oil for about $6. It lasts FOREVER and a half, much longer than all that other crap we have wasted our money on!

I hope you try it out coconut oil and fall in love like I have! It is also great for cooking (No worries, I have a separate jar in my kitchen!) and as a light, flavorful oil for popcorn when used with a dash of sea salt!

* Note to those who have never used coconut oil before. When you buy it, you will think something is wrong because it is hard like a stick of margarine. However, it melts at about 70 degrees. Once you scoop up a bit with your fingers, it automatically starts melting into a clear oil!

What To Do with ALL THAT HAIR?!

Having thick hair can be a real freaking pain up the rear.

If you have it, you know exactly what I am talking about. Each and every time I get my hair cut, I get comments like “You have more hair than I have ever seen!” and “Wow, your hair is SO thick – and there is So Much of it!”. I also get comments from gals with thin hair, wishing they had hair as thick as mine. But believe me, the grass is always greener on the other side!

While I know that my thick hair will probably do me good when I start losing hair with age, for the most part I dream of being born with thinner locks like my sister. I swear, that girl can do anything with her thin hair – all the while never worrying about frizz or humidity or blow drying. It seems like she can just leave the house with her hair wet and it dries looking like mine does with 12 hours of maintenance!

I know, I am sounding like my glass is more than half empty today, but I just needed to rant about all the effort us girls with thick hair put in to our daily routine (that is, unless I just toss it up in a loose bun like most days!). I am sure thin hair girls have their rants as well, I just don’t know about their hassles!

So, back to my purpose for my blog post today. I wanted to share with you two of my absolute favorite hairstyles that do well with thick strands. Sure, we aren’t celebrities like these gals below that have help in creating their flawless looks, but in attempts to fill my glass a little fuller I will say that these styles are quite easy once you learn how to accomplish them with your specific hair type.



Photo –

First and foremost, the typical perfect look of Kate. This stunning, royal look is accomplished best with a perfectly straight cut. For this look, no layers = no fluff! For me, this style is best accomplished on non-shampooing days (I wash my hair every other day…on my days off, I grab a shower cap and suds up my body before the humidity gets to my hair!). I run a wide tooth comb through my hair just to give it an over-all untangling, then grab a curling iron for the ends. That Kate sure is pretty, isn’t she?



My second favorite style is the fishtail braid. I like this look because it is extremely easy to do once you figure it out and it looks SO complicated that it adds class to any look…especially to my everyday style of jeans and a tee! I feel like I am instantly transformed into a million bucks because it is so much fancier than your everyday bun or ponytail that thick hair girls have as a go-to style! For me, the added plus is this style looks great even when messy! It doesn’t have to be perfect! Bedhead, bad hair day, extra humidity…it all gets covered up in the braid!


If you aren’t quite coordinated enough for the fishtail on your own (it took me a LONG time to get this one on my own because of my hand-eye coordination in the mirror!), a simple loose braid is Always a winner! This isn’t the 90′s, so don’t go off braiding your hair in the back…a side braid is so much classier and feminine. Wear this to the office, the beach, to a wedding or on a hot date – - this is one look that can quickly make you look styled! The looser and messier, the sexier!

I hope this helps those of you out there with thick locks like me! If you have any favorite styles or products to help with frizzes and “poofiness”, I would love to share your thoughts with readers!

Thanks for reading!

Adding a Splash of Color.

As I have mentioned many times over, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Sure, I will spring for the occasional skirt and t-shirt look if it is really hot, but I am most comfortable in jeans. And if I am not comfortable, I am not happy! I think that is why I enjoy beauty so much – adding make-up and accessories to an outfit is my way of being girly.

Jeans and a simple tee can go SO many ways. If you leave the house with no make-up, and frumpy hair…you are going to look frumpy. We have all been there, to Frumpy-Town. But tossing on a quick eyeliner job, a ring and a bracelet can instantly transform your look. Grabbing your gold flats instead of your worn out Nike’s is sure to get you treated more human-like out in the world.

There are so many little things you can grab as you run out the door to make your appearance more presentable when you just don’t have the time for more!

Hairpieces are my go-to accessories when I am running late. Headwraps, headbands or even a small decorative hair clip can make your overall look go from dull, drab, boring to WOW in less than thirty seconds. Some mornings, I grab a hair wrap on my way out, and style at a red light on my way to work!


I absolutely love Urban Outfitters for funky, random accessories with reasonable prices.This wrap is 2-in-1 as it is double sided. Look how this messy bun just became extra feminine! Toss on some large, fun earrings for an added pop of color. Sans make-up and still stylish!



Photo –

This lace-looking wrap is perfect for any outfit from jeans to that little black dress! This would look great with a bold color skinny jeans…I am thinking pink!



Photo –

This tribal style wrap is super cute! Wear it with hair up or down… I love how the model is showing off her bangs with the look. The beachy textured hair works well here – don’t overthink it, just stick it in your messy hair for a sexy look.

Do you wear hair accessories? Why or why not? If they ARE your thing, do you wear them with a more finished look, or the messier look? We would love to hear your two cents!

Cruelty-Free Eye Brushes.

Looking our best often comes with a price.

And I do not mean just the price of the products – I am talking about the effects these products have on our animals.

I am not going to get started on a Save The Planet and Save The Animals spiel, nor am I going to say one persons opinion on animal rights is better than the other. That is not my style. We each have a place in this world, and are entitled to our own opinions. We have the right to shop and use the products we choose!

All I am going to say today is that if you are looking for cruelty-free make-up brushes, here are my two favorite brands. Why? Not only are they great eye brushes, they are also eco-friendly! An added plus? They are extremely reasonably priced! So many all-natural products can be very pricey, making shoppers choose price over opinion… but with prices like these brands, I don’t stop to think twice!


Eco Tools Bamboo Eye Brush Set comes with 6 brushes for about $10. I found mine at Walgreens drugstore, but I have also seen them sold at a large selection of retailers. Be sure to check out stores near you for the best deal! They come in a cute little bag that is convenient for storage as well as traveling! I toss this pouch in my purse with one mixed shadow and my mascara before heading out on an over-night trip and I have everything I need for a quick make-up job in the morning!




This Bdellium Tools set is also a favorite of mine. These brushes help in making a great, professional looking smokey eye. They are a little stiff at first, but after a few uses and a wash or two, they seem to have softened up into some great brushes! Follow the source link above for purchasing this set.

As a reminder, I am not compensated for my opinions – they are just my opinions on great products that I want to share!

Thanks for reading!

Polishes for Spring!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

Sure, the allergies run wild, but the beautiful green colors outdoors from the recent rains to the pretty colors of new blooms in my yard! I love how all the stores turn from gloomy dark, winter colors to the pastel girly colors of spring.

Makeup is no different from a flower shop for me. I can wander around the local nurseries in search of a few new blooms for the flower box in my front yard, considering each beautiful blossom for polish or lip gloss! I am thinking of this as I just brought a few new plants home today. I don’t remember the name of one specifically, but it has the prettiest lavender shade ever! I remember liking the name of it too, something space-like…maybe it was asteroid or cosmo? Finding a polish that color is my new mission for spring, even if I have to make it myself!

If you are ready to dazzle this spring, then you are probably wondering what polish colors are IN. Well, a range of colors, really. For starters, think Easter Bunny or those pastel plastic eggs you searched for when you were a child. Baby pinks, blues, yellows… my favorite being mint.


Photo –

Shown above is one of my favorite minty shades, Mint Sprint from Sally Hansen. Order it online from, or see if your local pharmacy carries it!

Also IN this spring are metallics. Use it to completely color your nails, or opt for just one nail per hand. If you are extra talented or headed out for a manicure, use a metallic polish when creating flowers, polka dots, butterflies and more on your nails. BE CREATIVE!


Photo –

I found this great polish No Place Like Chrome from essie at Walmart. It goes on smoothly and has a pretty nice chrome looking finish, though it does dry a little on the matte side.

If you have a favorite spring polish shade, or a great metallic polish – please share with us!

Until next time,



Winter High.


Ugh, the things it does to my hair!

I could spend the morning prepping myself for a meeting, straightening every last hair pin straight, just to walk out the front door and my hair turns into a big, cotton-ball style mess! It doesn’t have to be pouring, or even sprinkling. The air just has to have that winter foggy-mist and my time spent with the straight iron is an absolute waste!

My hair truly prefers those days that are SO hot, you feel like keeping a water bottle in your mouth out of fear you will dehydrate without a constant drip down your throat. Those are the days my hair stays perfectly straight. Those are also the days nobody leaves their house, so nobody has ever seen me rock my perfect locks!

So what do you do when you want to look Amazing even when you know your hair won’t be up for cooperating? How do you make your style super-feminine when everyone else has their hair matted down, soaking wet from the rain or frizzing out like they just took a walk through a car wash and blow dry?

A high pony tail.

Making your style up a few inches higher than average can instantly make you look, well…higher than average! Slip on a super cute pair of heels to match, and you instantly become taller, higher, and more model-like!

How can you wear your pony up high? Check out these fun options!

This clean, straight look is an easy one to accomplish. I like to bend over, brush my hair down towards my toes, then tie it up before standing up again. Use a small amount of gel or shine serum to keep those fly-aways pinned down. If you have any shorter strands that aren’t quite long enough to hold with your rubberband, use hair clips or bobby pins to secure them in place. Once you are happy with your style, do a quick all-over hair spray.


I love the messy, wavy look. This style goes well with any outfit – from the jeans and t-shirt look to the red carpet! Just brush bangs forward, do a loose high pony, then pull it tight to create the messy look on top. Then take a few second to run the curling iron through your locks, a quick brush using just your fingers, an all-over hair spray and you are good to go! This style works well in the winter, but I also love it for the beachy look with a maxi during the summer months!


Oh, Jennifer, how I wish I had your hair! And her body, too, if I am being perfectly honest! This is another bangs-style high pony, but with bangs off to the side. I love how sleek yet messy this style looks – super girly, fun and sexy all at the same time.

If you have any winter-madness hair styles, I would love for you to share!


My Favorite Eyeliner.

Eyeliner is a scary thing for many people.

I have met many women who say have reasons to avoid eyeliner. Many say they are just too nervous to draw a straight line, so they avoid it. Others say they are afraid they will apply it too dark or too thick for everyday use. I have even heard those who just aren’t sure what color to use – brown, black-brown, black, blackest black, etc. There are just so many options!

As far as color goes, I personally recommend using the color of your eyelashes (POST-mascara!). For most of us, that is black. If you have extremely light eyebrows, then I recommend black-brown. I never suggest using brown, as I believe a good smudged, smokey eye in black is better than brown.

If you are afraid of messing up your straight line, I recommend using an eye pencil rather than a liquid. Why? Because pencils are much more forgiving, as liquid is not easily smudged. Also, pencils are much more user friendly. Most of us know how to draw a straight line with a pencil, but not with a paint brush! If you pretend the edge of your eye (close to the lash line) is the line in a coloring book, you will do perfectly! You are in a coloring contest and can’t draw outside the line or you will lose the contest!


Photo Source:

I am a cheap person. Makeup doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to get you through the day! For this reason, I just can’t justify spending more than a couple dollars on eyeliner. We have too many expenses in life to pay more than that! My favorite brand of eyeliner? Wet n Wild. This brand offers a retractable self sharpening style liner called Megalast, shown above. It also has a great foam smudger on the opposite side of the stick that comes in super handy! Depending on the store, I have never paid more than $3 for this liner. It is a great bargain with amazing results – for beginners to professionals!

As with all my blog posts, I am not paid to give opinions – this is just my own opinion on my favorite eyeliner! Thanks for reading!